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As we expand existing sleep research, education and outreach efforts at Emory to identify and grow innovative multidisciplinary research collaborations at Emory targeting different populations and settings, we will continue to stregthen our resources for investigators and researchers.

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Funded Sleep Grants at Emory

Anne Fitzpatrick

Symptom Clusters in Children with Exacerbation-Prone Asthma

Nigel Paul Pederson

Control of the Hippocampal Formation by the Supramammillary Hypothalamus- Anatomy, Physiology and in a Model of Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Julie Gazmararian

Effects of Sleep on Academic and Health Outcomes Among Adolescents

Wilbur Lam

Technology Development Core

Wilbur Lam

Atlanta Center for Microsystems Engineered Point-of-Care Technologies (ACME POCT)

Whitney Wharton 

Role of Estradiol and Related Hormones on Inflammation, Sleep, and Risks for Alzheimer’s Disease

Elizabeth Vaughan

Coexisting Nocturia and Insomnia in Older Adults: Planning a Trial of Integrated Therapy

Viola Vaccarino

Mental Stress and Myocardial Ischemia After MI: Sex Differences, Mechanisms and Prognosis

Lynn Trotti 

Antibiotic-Mediated Improvements in Vigilance: Mechanisms of Action of Clarithromycin in Hypersomnia Syndromes

Lawrence Scahill 

Measuring Sleep Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Eric Nehl 

Technology Training and Dissemination Core

Gregory Martin

Clinical Translation and Validation Core

Wilbur Lam

Administrative Core

Chicora F. Oliver

Ventral Periaqueductal Gray Dopamine Control of Sleep and Arousal

Dayna Johnson

A Mixed Methods Approach for Developing Culturally and Ecologically Appropriate Interventions for Improving Sleep Health in a Community-Based Sample of African Americans

Jonathan Kim

Sub-Clinical Vascular Dysfunction In American-Style Football Players: Temporal Trends, Mechanisms, and Effects on Ventriculo-Arterial Coupling

Lynn Trotti

Sleepiness and Sleep Drunkenness: Narcoplepsy versus GABA-Related Hypersomnia

Victoria Pak

Mechanisms of Sleepiness Symptoms in Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease

Shakira Suglia

Stress, Epigenetics and Aging

Shakira Suglia

Childhood Adversity and Cardiovascular Health Among Puerto Rican Youth

Viola Vaccarino

Sleep Disturbance as a Mechanism for Ischemic Heart Disease in PTSD

Shella Keilholz

Contribution of Ultralow Frequency LFPS to Functional MRI

David Rye

Characterization of an Endogenous GABA-ERGIC Mechanism

Susan Margulies

Objective Translational Multi-Domain Early Concussion Assessment

David Weinshenker

Norepinephrine-Dopamine Interactions Underlying Arousal

Zhiyong Lin

KLF15 and Circadian Regulation of Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury

Professional Societies for Sleep and Circadian Research

Sleep Research Funding Opportunities

Source of FundingTitle of AwardWebsite
AASM FoundationABSM Junior Faculty AwardWebsite
AASM FoundationBridge to Success Award for Early Career InvestigatorsWebsite
AASM FoundationBridge to Success Award for Mid-Career / Senior InvestigatorsWebsite
AASM FoundationPhysician Scientist Training AwardWebsite
AASM FoundationFocused Projects Award for Junior InvestigatorsWebsite
AASM FoundationStrategic Research AwardWebsite
AASM FoundationThe Clinical Fellowship Rescue Funding AwardWebsite
AASM FoundationYoung Investigators Research ForumWebsite
Brain and Behavior Research FoundationNARSAD Young Investigator Grant + NARSAD Independent Investigator Grant + NARSAD Distinguished Investigator GrantWebsite
CART (Alzheimer’s)Website
Life Sciences Research FoundationWebsite
NIHGeneral grant programsWebsite
NIHCircadian-related clinical trialsWebsite
NIHCircadian-related grants - "Clinical trial not allowed" or "clinical trial optional"Website
NIHSleep-related clinical trialsWebsite
NIHSleep-related grants - "Clinical trial not allowed" or "clinical trial optional"Website
NIH SLEEPRFA listservListserv for sleep- and circadian-related RFAs and initiatives from NIHSubscribe
Restmed FoundationClinical Research ProposalWebsite
Searles FoundationSearle ScholarWebsite
Sleep Research SocietySRSF Career Development AwardWebsite
Whitehall FoundationResearch Grants + Grants-in-AidWebsite


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